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Shrouded Gaming

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Shrouded Gaming Community!

Here at Shrouded Gaming we aspire to be more then just a clan, we are a close knit community, a place where all are welcome, a place to find mature, helpful and humble gamers much like ourselves. We are always on the search to incorporate other like-minded gamers into our core community. 

We are a very expansive and continuously growing community and are always looking to expand upon that. We carry a simple mindset, Quality over quantity. We strive to give warm welcomes and to ensure there is always help available, no matter what game we may be playing. Currently our community is very heavy among the Destiny 2, League of Legends and World at War communities, however with the release of The Division 2 we are striving to be a go to community here as well! 

We are multi-platform with a strong portion of our community in PC and PS4. We have just recently begun expanding into the console community although we are rapidly growing in those areas as well. As mentioned, we are always looking for members. Whether you are a new blood; casual gamer or a Hardcore gamer who really wants to get into that competitive scene, we are here to support you along your endeavors and you are always welcome in our community.

As with any community we have pretty standard rules that can primarily be summed up into, simply just be respectful and you will succeed in the Shrouded community.

We run Dedicated servers for popular games and are always trying to give something back to the community! As well as launching new services and competitions even monthly giveaways ranging from Shrouded Gaming apparel, Cosmetic in-game items all the way to Full Game + DLC. 

The SGC has Weekly Inactivity Purges - Which means that we are consistently full of active players looking to Group For a myriad of different activities. There is always someone online to play with, as well as a solid group of Sherpa's & Admins willing to help any member overcome any obstacle they may encounter.

We Currently have two clans for The Division 2Shrouded Rogues for PC and Shrouded Exiles for PS4. If you are interested in joining either, Please join the discord and ping either @AGreeNer for PC and @ItsNeurosis for PS4.

If you just want someone to hang out with while you play, well we are good for that as well. We have space for any and all respectful Gamers in the SGC. Welcome!

Check Out our Event Calendar Here!

How to join:
1) Upvote this post
2) Join the Discord (Mandatory):
3) Follow the instructions in the pinned message in #clan-approval-waitlist

Team Website |

Team Discord |
(If you are unfamiliar with discord, here is a video guiding you)

To apply to one of our Destiny 2 clans apply here:

To apply to any of our other games, simply join the discord and look for the appropriate admin listed in the *Pinned Messages* 

Thanks for reading and Welcome to the Shrouded Gaming Community!

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