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Shaxx On The Sax - [NA] [PC]

Mission Statement

A New Clan Trying to Grow with The Upcoming Release of Shadowkeep and the Migration to Steam

The Focus of the Clan is About Being a Well Rounded and ACTIVE Player, Meaning Participating in Everything D2 Has to Offer, Whether its PVE, PVP, Endgame Raiding or Even Gambit as Long as You are Playing and Enjoying D2 We are Here for You

MUST Have a Discord Account, and be in the Shaxx On The Sax Discord Server to Remain in the Clan
MUST be on PC (NA servers) or PS4 
 - Only Reason We Do Not Allow XBOX Players Is Because We as a Clan Have no Way of Monitoring What Happens on XBOX Because None of the Clan Moderators Own a XBOX

Send any Questions to ShrikeSoul#1995 on Discord