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Shattered Ghosts | 18+ | Destiny 2 | Monster Hunter World | Rocket League | Warframe |

Mission Statement

Shattered Ghosts | 18+ | Destiny 2 | Monster Hunter World | Rocket League | Warframe |


Who are you guys and gals? 

We formed from a clan's ashes. We have come together to form Shattered Ghosts to make the best clan of gaming friends. We are Broken. We Are One. 


What is the Council? 

We have a rather unique system to manage the clan. The Council is made up of our admins and mods (mods are picked from the community) that all vote on various issues, important items, punishments, staff promotions and demotions, etc. This prevents any one member from having all the power and adds accountability to all those in leadership. Additionally, we have a process of implementing new ideas, features and processes through the community #suggestions channel.

So... What do ya fellas do?

Well, that is rather easy. We game. We started as a Destiny 2 clan running every aspect of the game. We’ve expanded to other PC Games of all types. Monster Hunter World, Rocket League and others are thrown into the mix.

Where are you y’all and when are you active? What platform? 

We are PC only and based in the US. However, we have people from all over the world! We work off of EST time, with active times are between 3PM to 3AM EST.

If you wanna join one of our in-game clans, please message ModMail.


How to join:

Must be 18+.

Visit our discord. Upon joining, you will get a DM from our gatekeeper, Auttaja.

Follow instructions she provides! If you have issues, please contact one of the Council via ModMail. 



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