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Mission Statement

Welcome to the Official Guild Page of ShadowVeil

ShadowVeil is a guild dedicated to Dauntless with a variety of players of all skills levels.

The guild was founded by two long term friends and have seen rapid growth in member numbers over the course of two weeks to the point where we are now.

We are an international Guild of members from all over the world playing over all types of consoles sharing our love and passion for the game through growing our community and sharing our experiences together and helping new players catch up and learn.

We take the game seriously enough that we progress and still have fun doing that, we are in no means hardcore at all, we understand that people have lives and work and education and chores to attend to.

Our only requirement is the usage of discord as the main method of communication as we have started a 2nd guild because our first one is full, although voice chat is not a requirement.

The content shared on our Youtube Channel is made by our most skilled members who have chosen to dedicate their time to practice their hobbies and to show their love and support for the game through their creative ideas executed for the entertainment of the viewers and of the people involved in the works behind the scenes of making every piece of content, whether you are a Dauntless player, thinking of playing the game, looking for a guild or not, we appreciate your feedback and we hope you enjoy the content we provide.

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19th Nov 2020 - 4:10pm

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