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Servant Gaming

Mission Statement

About us

Welcome to Servant Gaming. A whole new gaming community that wants to prove themselves in worldwide gaming. We feature a bunch of games that can either be played for fun here or competitively. For everyone there is a place here, and we want to keep it that way. What we want and do is simple. What we want: A happy gaming experience for all of you. Casually or competitively. What we do here: We keep the positive vibe rolling and we want to make you guys happy with what we offer.


If you have joined our Discord server and you think you are on a very high level of playing in one of our 4 played games. Send your best clips and your Twitter account in #self-promotion.


- Maturity

- Must be on one of the platforms noted here: PC, PS4 or Xbox One

- Must have a good working microphone

- Follow the ToS of Discord when joined our Discord server

- Must have a clear nickname


We are a gaming community that is mostly from Europe but we accept everyone from around the world. When qualified for a team you will be put in the team region where you are from.


Our Discord server is THE way to join the community and hang out with everyone else here at Servant Gaming. Link: (only join if you follow the Discord ToS and our requirements)


[email protected]



6th Jan 2020 - 9:16pm

As a member of this clan, I found it to be welcoming and helpful. The leader, (Arjan) has been giving me all the information about this clan that I needed. This community has a positive vibe flowing through it. I highly recommend this clan.