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Seekers (PC) Community (Discord) (LFG)

Mission Statement

[Spots are now approval based first come first serve. You may use the LFG section until a spot opens up even if you are in another clan.] 
[We have 1500+ People on our discord server and anyone is welcome to use our free-agent lfgs to find groups to play!]

[Even if you're not in the clan will help you with nightfalls, raids, prestiges and trails :)]

We are a PC main clan focused on all endgame content, grinding and pvp. All are welcome here!
This is a social clan run through Discord. You must have a means of voice communication to be a part of the actual clan. It is preferred that members be 18+ (Let's be honest though if we can't tell we don't care) as there will be drinking games and unfiltered voice content (Ya you can swear here). Our main goal is to have a fun community-heavy game experience for everyone (Male/female we don't discriminate).

We aim to max out on every aspect on the game including:
Maxing out clan bonuses every week
Completing all missions and game activities
Learning and teaching all parts of the game
Running pvp in pre made groups
Grinding Patrols and Public events
General Tomfoolery and whatever else bungie has to offer
And lets be real. Being the absolute best looking clan out there.

This is a community heavy clan, casual and hardcore are welcome. We prioritize maxing out everything we can. Not everyone goes at the same speed however, and we all want to be ready when the next event drops. There is always work to do as when we hit our caps we can go back to help our fellow members get that juicy endgame gear.

Our clan is based out of discord and has grown massively in a few days due to the incredibly kind mature community we house. As the PC community is incredibly large we have allowed for a second division running under the same banner. If you are someone who enjoys meeting new people and always having friends online to play with join one of our 6 divisions! We are all Seekers in here!

About Me Gensei: I'm just a guy who loves a good grind, drinking, and a fun community to play games with. I will be active anywhere from 4-12 hours a day and be actively managing the discord throughout our good times. I love learning new things and meeting new people.

*Clan entrance is first come first serve. Feel free to apply to any open divisions and if none are open check back at a later time.

Who Clan Page:
What Clan Page:
When Clan Page:
Where Clan Page:
Why Clan Page: 
How Clan Page: [Open]

Our Discord is neatly organized to be able to find what it is you're looking for quickly and efficiently. We also pride ourselves in community involvement so feel free to earn and show off your badges with pride.

-Former SoW-
This is an active clan. Anyone 10 days+ inactive will be purged and marked with a "Former SoW" mark on discord upon being let go. What does this mean? Lets be honest while we strive for full activity for the best community experience. However people have real life things to do. I, for whatever reason, you can't remain active but choose to come back at a later time you will be prioritized as soon as there is an opening so that you may resume play with the main members of the community.

Know the game inside and out? Put all that knowledge to good use. Teach the raids. Explain high-end PVP tactics. Help other players learn the game and you will earn the guide badge.

This is an all-open experience community meaning all are welcome. Prefer to roll solo or already in another clan but still need assistance? Feel free to jump in our discord as a free agent to ask for help or even assist other free agents in accomplishing their objectives. We appreciate any and all help in working with SoW members and outside free agents. Gain enough standing as a free agent and you will earn the trusted badge showing that you are an honored affiliate working with our clan to help everybody in the game have a much more enjoyable experience. If you are an SoW member who has outside friends you like to play with feel free to invite them into the discord to join in the fun! Non-clan affiliated Trusted members will also receive priority in filling open clan slots upon losing members.

-Streamer- / -Stream Safe-
Trying to live the stream dream? We support all of our members in achieving their goals. Looking for a place to find to find people to bring on stream but worried about the dangers of randoms yelling profanities and generally downgrading the quality of enjoyment for your views? Worry not, we have you covered. Look for SoW members and Trusted free agents with the Stream Safe badge. Streamsafe members are people who have volunteered and been verified to help promote a good experience for for streamers and viewers alike. We also have a specific non-invasive text channel for promoting your stream and getting everyone in on the good times.

Participate in our drinking sessions to earn the most coveted of all badges. The Alcoholist. There's no reason a serious grind can't be a fun carefree time as as well!

Who Clan Page:
What Clan Page:
When Clan Page:
Where Clan Page:
Why Clan Page:
How Clan Page:


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Hey everyone, I am a male 20 years old player. I have a level 20 Hunter maining gunslinger/nightfall. My power level is 244 at the moment and I'm keeping on grinding. Looking for a clan to play together in either pvp or pve.

Please add me: Cazbitto#1633


Hey i am very interested in joining your clan. I really love to drink and to powerfarm add me if youre interested shanks#2743.


Hey id really like to join your clan, been playing since console launch and just recently moved up to pc :)


Hey I am wanting to join in the mass killing and destroying of all endgame and pvp content you guys do please add me grim#1795, I have played destiny since console launch saw all endgame through destiny and even played console launch of destiny 2 but am really a pc gaming waiting for this to drop.


Heya I'm the leader of Seekers of What. If you like to join please join at one of the clan pages or visit us on discord



im looking for a clan.

Im a  256 warlock, been soloing all the time, but i'm looking for a clan now.


my battlenet: Skullripper#2834


I would like to apply if there is space available IDED#2502 new to endgame so got a lot to learn, UK based so will be on evenings 6pm to around 11pm (GMT), Saturday and Sunday


Hi Gensei!

New Destiny player loving the grind. Power Level 263 Titan looking to join an active clan for end game play. SpaceOctopus#1913, hoping for an invite! Thanks!

PS I love to drink..


Hey Gensei,

Congratulations on getting your clan started fast.

I would like to join your clan and get grouped up to prep for raids. I'm currently at 240, with about 6 hours total game time.

Looking forward to working as a team.





Hey, i have been looking for a clan to play with and join in raids. Been playing everyday since launch. Moreform#1892


Hey hey im looking to join an active Destiny 2 Clan for PC. Im interested in doing some raids and nightfalls for gear but crucible to play serously.


Hey, I just got into Destiny 2 and am looking for a fun group to have fun and get serious with. Power level 244 currently and my name is SragonSlayer#1247


Hello! I'm an active Destiny 2 player well on my way to being raid ready for Tuesday's launch, and I'd like to be part of a clan to enjoy it with some new friends, current power level is 265. my BNet is HumongousEgo#1989


Semi-active PC player looking to find others to play with. Interested in doing the raid in the future. Just hit 20. Battle net is Keso#2101


Hi, I need a clan with grownups ... and it looks like this is it. Play (and drink) on a regular basis :) DrBones#2582


Evening all,

I have been looking for a clan that would allow me to experience every aspect of the game with like minded people.  I would be interested in being a part of the clan, my battletag is Aiki#2278 and would be grateful for an invite


I play quite often and I am looking for a clan to PvP, raid, and do anything and everything in the game with. My battletag is benslayer#1868


Hello everyone, I have been playing Destiny since 2014. I have Destiny 2 on PS4 with 31 members in the clan and I have been helping and teaching players how to beat raid (beaten Leviathan under 28 minutes), crucible, offside missions, and quests. I bought the game on PC so I am looking to join a clan and willing to help players and I have a Discord too. My Battletag is Siyam#1432


I would love to join this clan with all these active people. Level 20 titan and I have played the first destiny a ton. Want to experience everything about this one as well with other new people. Hour#1785


^(totally not drunk right now)^ Hey, I am 23, just got a new pc, former Wow player used to the long grind and endless raiding. Main a Hunter power level 258 probably higher, working on leveling other classes to 30. Definitely not just an alcoholic looking for another reason to drink. You should pick me because if you don't you're grounded. Mom#11869          




Hey. Power 294 Hunter here looking to join a clan with alot of active members to do the Raid, nightfall and other activities with :D Hope you guys will consider me for a spot in the clan ;P


Hiya what servers do you play on? Dont think it'd matter too much but still, I'm interested.. My battletag is Pride#22644. My first character (hunter) is in the early 200's power, but I play a couple hours on most days so I get by, and I would love to join a fun community in the process.