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Mission Statement

We are just a casual group trying to play World of Warships in a supportive community, on the North American server. Founded by Combat Veterans, we like to joke around, have some dark humor, and just play WoW. Anyone is eligible to join, but we have a few rules:

1) Don't disrespect other members. We are here to have fun. Help and support other clan members.

2) Don't join if you can't take dark humor

3) More a suggestion than a rule, but if you are playing, and see others on that might want to play, go ahead and join a division with them. It will only make you and them a better player.

4) Participate: We ask that you play often as you can. Obviously, things come up, just let us know if you won't be on for a while. 






7th Oct 2022 - 8:28am

Hello, My name is greg (AlphaKing) 

Im looking for a group to join and to have fun and become better at the game while having a good time with everyone!