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Savage X Raiders



I'm looking for a clan to join. I took an 8 month vacation from Destiny after 2 years but I am fired up to play again. Currently trying get my light level up to snuff for raids and such. 

TTT you know me

I've been gaming since 1987 on the ol' 8 bit Nintendo.  I'm a longtime Bungie advocate, so of course its only natural i'm a Destiny addict!  Definitely an easy going player always pumping the team up after a wipe making sure we accomplish our mission as it is our responsibility as guardians!

My bread and butter is definitely my hunter which has just about every exotic for his class.  400 light level and usually try to run gear between tier 10/11.  I do have a 400 Titan as well but usually only running her for farming purposes.  Yes, I have already pre-ordered Destiny 2 and I'm ready for our full length trailer soon!

I'm looking for a team of guardians to build friendships, memories, and epic war stories with!  My father (68 years old) is also an avid player as well and while he isn't the best teammate his heart is in the right place.  We have to take care of our senior citizens right guardians. lol!!!

Sp3cifik DC

I'm 27 years old and I'm looking for a clan that loves the game but doesn't take it too seriously. I used to play on PS4 and switched over to Xbox a month or so ago. I have a 1.4 kd and am pretty decent at the game. I miss having friends that I can raid with and have a good time. I'd really like to join a brotherhood and meet some new people and carry that on to Destiny 2!