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Sane Clan/Org

Mission Statement

Recruiting discord link:

Community discord link:

Sane West Is Recruiting!



Benefits are the following:

-Monthly payment of $40, will soon increase.


-Exposure. (Soon)

Players will receive 15% of earnings each of tournements competed in.



Must be able to play over 4 hours a day, and practice with the team.

Must have over 200 wins.

Must have over a 2.5kd.

If you have any questions/concerns, ask Sane Derp#8857

Tryouts are the following:

5 creative 1v1's, 2 as a warmup, 3 will be marked down. 

3 rounds of turtle wars.

5 pub matches, must have 15 kills in total.

3 scrim matches.


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