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Salad Clan

Mission Statement

Are u a fan of salad? Well if u are, join are Salad Clan... We are a new clan that is about positive vibes and helping others get better at fortnite and other games we may play.

If u are a new player that is ok, you still have to try out but no one is never denied by are clan. Everyone is welcome to be in are clan.

1. Be polite to your fellow salad lovers

2.Must be 13 years of age

3.must have a huge love for salad

4.Do not give out personal information of others without their consent. This includes photos, birthdays, genders, etc.

5. Impersonation of any member is not allowed. This includes Staff, Bots, Guests, Visitors etc.

6.Bullying of any kind is forbidden, especially if the person has a Mental Illness like depression and such, remember that depression kills and your words can hurt more than you think they do. If you see a person being bullied/picked on please inform a staff member. If the staff member does not respond just DM a Co-Leader or the Mod that is online. - Bullying with resolve into a mute, if you continue to bully you'll be band, make our Discord clean!

7.Spam pinging of ANY member is not allowed, regardless if the member is okay with it. This applies to both Staff and members of the server, as well as our Guests and Visitors. If it is reported, depending on the amount of pings and type a warn or mute may be given.