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Saint Clan

Mission Statement

EU and NA (Fortnite and CoD)
Hello, and welcome to Saint. A Casual and Competitive gaming clan mainly focusing on Fortnite and CoD.
Founded by Cyxn and Pexch. 
Upon joining our discord you must read the Terms of Service and tick the reaction below it to confirm you agree
Afterward you must type %apply in any of the chats available to you. Once you have finished an application an appropriate recruiter will trial you when they can
Hope to see you soon, in Saint!




20th Jul 2020 - 9:58pm

Looking if I could join this clan

PC player

13 y/d

125 wins

Season 12 k/d - 2.62

Overall k/d - 1.85

3,500 kills overall


Epic Games: RETRO lucid