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Mission Statement

[RΞDΛCTΞD](tag:████) is currently looking for active guardians on ANY platform.


Founded on the XB1 console, we now have members of our community active on PC and we soon hope to add PS4 to the list. If you wish to join on PS4 - you may quite possibly become an emissary for that platform. We're a small group at present consisting of about 8 active members on XB1 and 18 on PC. Our members also play Rocket League, Fortnite, Anthem, Apex Legends and Warframe so we're able to move from game to game in order to keep things fresh.


Discord is our method of communication and we use Charlemagne in order to get news, check stats and schedule upcoming events so it's required if you wish to participate. Non-active members are going to be pruned on a bi-monthly basis once events begin in April. If you're 17+ or at least mature and this sounds like a good fit for you, head on over to the link below and join the clan.

Interested in being a considered as a leader for specific endeavors?

Positions will become available as our group grows and the need arises [PVP(VE)/RAID/TRIALS].


Platform Leaders:

[XB1] Teknirekt (Founder) ItsMrGoatAgain (Emissary)

[PC] Voxx (Emissary) ZUPPY (Inner Circle)

[PS4] Currently vacant and open for leadership. Join clan and discord then DM Teknirekt if interested.


Thanks for reading, and we look forward to meeting you. Discord info in clan motto.

Click here for clan page.