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Rusty In Places [RIP]

Mission Statement

Rusty In Places [RIP] is a multi-national, multi-gaming community with over 200 active members. Our community was founded in 2006 as a friendly, mature place where people can team up while playing their favourite games, engaging in some banter and enjoying a few drinks. We have played many games over the years but this ethos has always remained the same, its a truly great place to be and there are always people online to play with.

We play a variety of games, including Squad, Arma, Hell Let Loose, Post Scriptum, Battlefield, Star Citizen, Space Engineers, Modern Warfare and many many more! Our Primary game is Squad, for which we have a permanent 100-player sever. We offer several events including external and internal matches and trainings for new players to help learn the game. Arguably the best event is our RIP vs TheWorld evening held every Friday on our server, where RIP members all team up on one side to battle the public players on the other team.

RIP members, right from the start can play with us, take part in our events, and also, if they wish, can donate to get a server queue skip, but this part is entirely optional.

How to join?

To join you will need to be over 21, agree to our rules and have a steam account with no VAC, trade or community bans.

Head over to our discord and check out the #recruitment channel and you'll find all the information to get started.

Alternatively you can apply to join on our website at
If you have any questions, feel free to join our discord or TeamSpeak and one of our members will happily help you out.