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Mission Statement

Right To Rebel

Do you remember that Battlefield 4 Hardcore feel we all once loved to play?! Now it's back and as nostalgic as ever.If you're looking for a fun and friendly gaming community with nearly 200+ helpful members, check out Right To Rebel!
More About Us

Right to Rebel is a mature 18+ gaming community and has been around since 2008. We have members from all across the globe! Though we are mainly American but we have members from all time zones. We are active around the clock with no specific time zone in particular. We support games such as Battlefield 4 and Battlefield V eventually. We support many other games as well!
Discord feel free to hop in and chat with our members or find someone to play a game with.

All of our servers are free to join and play on!We support:

    Battlefield 4 Custom Hardcore with all the old beloved settings we all love.…

    PubG- Custom mode and squads

    Rainbow 6 Seige- Squads

    7 Days to die

    Conan Exiles


    RS2: Vietnam

Useful Links

    Our Website:

    Our Discord:

    Our Members:




11th Oct 2018 - 7:55pm

Great community with a lot of active members if you play a game we probably have someone who will play with you. Hop on our discord and try us out.