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The Ronin Legion

Mission Statement

The Ronin Legion is Recruiting!

We are a democratically ran gaming community, often taking up the role of a mercenary group. We play competitively keeping in mind more fun elements and events that we often run.

We operate on GTA Online and intend to fully operate on Red Dead Redemption 2

We are looking for:

-Mature players (preferably 16+)

-Active/good contribution - we don't expect you to dedicate all your time but your contribution will be vital for our progression as a team, so make sure you can make a positive difference

-Able and willing to learn

-Must have discord or either/both phone and/or PC to ensure you can communicate with all out members.

If interested, there is an application form on our website, or you can contact our leader:
Gamertag: Fire Frenzy   Discord: Fire Frenzy#5179

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