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Rogue Nation is Recruiting

Mission Statement

About Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation is an online social gaming community operating on the Xbox One and soon to be on Playstation 4 & PC. We are a fun, laid-back, social community that welcomes both casual & competitive players from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. We offer any gamer an opportunity to join Rogue Nation who meets the community's minimum age requirement. 

Mission Statement

Rogue Nation was founded by link-minded individuals to create a social gaming atmosphere for both casual & competitive gamers from around the globe. We believe by linking gamers with link-minded people will create a positive and fun environment for all to enjoy.

Rogue Nation: Gaming Divisions

  • Division: Hellfire - (Must be at least 18+ to join)
  • Division: Ghost - (Must be at least 16+ to join)

Recruitment Requirements

  • Must meet the minimum age requirement to join (16)
  • Must have a working mic
  • Must have or be willing to download Discord - Primary form of communication

Additional Information

Rogue Nation is currently accepting applications for members who are looking to move into leadership. For additional details please message RN WARLORD 7 on Xbox Live or on Discord (RN WARLORD 7#4229).

Clan Upvotes

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13th Dec 2019 - 2:30am

Hello I want to apply for the clan,
Have a history of competitive gaming. 
I mainly play Modern Warfare and World of warcraft .

im in for trials etc.. 

gamertag is: Kamerplantje#989