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Roblox Escalade Modders

Mission Statement

Our Roblox teams & leagues

If you want to open a new team or join an existing team, please contact us directly at a contact person on our Teamspeak. Please note that you have to be a member of the clan to be integrated into a team!

Since the beginning of July 2019 we have our own league system. Coming soon League Season 8. Here you will find the league tables, the schedules and the ligastats. Here you will find our Ligliegeln.


From now on you can expand your game understanding and your abilities in League of Legends against a small donation to the clan with a coach of your choice. How the coaching should expire, are you looking for you. Of course, the coaches can help you find the best learning mode for you. You can e.g. in 1v1 improve your mechanics or analyze your games through replay coaching. If you can stream, of course, an in-game coaching is possible.

So that you can convert your exercise hours to visible successes as quickly as possible, you get a coaching that addresses exactly the topics that interest you most. All other details and questions you can already discuss with your coach with your coach before your coaching session. Of course, it is also possible to make a coaching for your team. Further information can be found below.
All donations are 100 percent invested in the clan. You will also receive as soon as your donation has been received, the corresponding server group on the TeamSpeak server. Don't forget to join our Roblox game servers.




Clan Upvotes



14th Oct 2021 - 7:01pm

It's great that you can articulate your goals clearly. And that trainers can choose a training format that is convenient for everyone. I also think about creating my clan and training courses that will help in the game. But so far these are only plans. I found the platform that I'd like to use for this I hope that I can finish everything quickly and be useful to other players.