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Mission Statement

The Rise of New Legends are an experienced UK Clan primarily for UK Guardians that are active, chilled and of legal age to buy booze (yum yum)!, however, if you're GMT +/- 1 or 2 hours and would bring value to our family, then we would like to hear from you!!

Like many Clans, we have prepared for Black Armory and have removed the last of our inactives to make way for new eager, active members.

We are seeking those of you that are chilled and active who are looking to team up with our other Clan members to have a laugh and get all of that sweet loot.  New players are welcome as long as you're active and willing to learn.

If you are unwilling to help others, a hot head or rage quitter, arrogant, not willing to get involved and game with your Clanmates or enjoy taking breaks from the game until new content is released, please don't get in touch... we don't want you but there are plenty of Clans out there that don't care who they let in.

We use Discord for communication within the Clan for lfg, sharing tips or just general banter.  We also have our own XBLive Club for sharing moments of glory.

If you would like to know more or are interested, please private message me or one of my Admin team.