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Mission Statement

Ricochet is a friendly helpful clan dedicated to overwatch. We currently have 30+ active members who play on a regular basis. In the process of forming a competitive group for training and scrim. We hold weekly events on wed. night drunkerwatch drinking playing 6v6 in clan games of custom mods or qp. Friday nights are for competitive training. Always accepting new recruits and anyone interested in playing overwatch or other similar games for fun or competitive purposes. There are open positions for officers and information can be located on the clans discord channel which will be provided after applying for the clan. The clans core value is two simple words "Have Fun" I do whatever I can to make the game fun for all members I see to it that any member can be teamed up with like minded players to learn new hero's pair up with good synergies and learn an overall game sense for the game. If you are new to overwatch or fps in general we have talented officers who can help you understand core mechanics to the game and get better at specific hero's, or if you are more on the serious side and are looking for a good clan to start climbing ranks in competitive we offer options for that as well. Look forward to meeting new recruits and making the game fun for anyone interested.