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Remedy Gaming is Looking for you!

Mission Statement


This is the Remedy, we are a recently established gaming community focused on the one thing that truly matters... GAMING.

So what type of person joins Remedy you might ask, well there's a few things:

We like chilled mature aged players who are here to have fun while gaming, there are many ways to do that whether it's competitive multiplayer or just having a laugh with friends while you play something new we don't really mind at all.

We like players that are willing to shift drama to the side that some other communities encourage/harbour and focus on helping members feel apart of a community or what I like to call their gaming home. 

And last but certainly not least we like players that love to GAME! 

So if this sounds like your cup of tea come have a peak at our website, the links here on the page just below. It'll show off our events schedule, a little about the staff team that put the time in to make Remedy what it is and some other features of our community.

If after that you still aren't convinced or you would like to just have a more detailed look around we have few links below that you might be interested in.

Remedy FacebookREMEDY InstagramRemedy Twitter

I really hope to see YOU out there in the virtual escape or our home base on discord. Until then happy gaming friends! 




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