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Remedy is building an adults only Community!

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Welcome to Remedy! Now I know you have a lot of questions and not a lot of time so lets get to it!

Who can join Remedy? Remedy is a gaming community for adults and adults only we are about keeping it relaxed and helping you just enjoy those sacred moments when you finally get to sit down and grind it out with like minded individuals.

Whats Remedy about? Its about all things gaming, whether its jumping into a squad and lighting teams up in your favorite shooter or enjoying a few drinks and playing some party games with friends we do it all and we are always open to new ideas. 

Remedy events? Yeah we have those, from friendly battles to prized solo and team events, the staff team organise and run monthly events in multiple games from Apex to Minecraft and anything in-between. 

The Remedy Recipe, what is it? Well it's simple we are all adults and we all have one thing common we are looking for a drama free gaming environment to meet up with like minded people to have a good time playing the games we love and its that simple. We have a small dedicated staff/leaders team that manage our discord and make sure everyone is happy in our active community. Everything else just takes care of itself, we are Remedy. 

Our socials and more down below! Hope to see you soon.


RG Wolfbane - Remedy Gaming Founder


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