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Reloaded Nation

Mission Statement

We're an eSports organization in the gaming community that's that has different game divisions and are not just based around one game, we like to appeal to competitive gamers across North America. For each game we are apart of we have pub competitive teams and a Gamebattles team, every member in the organization will always be treated with respect and pride for what they do for the team and as a gamer/person. We're an organization looking to go big and eventually attend MLG tournaments and other paid events have multiple  sponsorships etc, we're currently are sponsored by Fade Grips. Our requirements to join are that you have a mic, your the age of 17 or older, are willing to change your gamertag to have Reloaded as the first part of it and that you have Discord for offline communication. you can check us out on are website or on Twitter @NationReloaded if your interested in joining or have any questions please message me via Xbox live my gamertag is Reloaded Phenom thank you and we hope to have you apart of the team and our future success.