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Rebirth of The Phoenixx/Phoenixx Immortal

Mission Statement

Our clan of 2 years is made up of Raiders and Crucible players from the all across the US, Canada,  and International Players.  All we want to do is have fun and enjoy playing this game. We have a family atmosphere with our group where many friendships have been built. We are not a Try-Hard group, but we do love to accomplish whatever goals we set for ourselves and the clans. Both of our clans have achieved Level 6. (Rebirth of the Phoenixx has done it twice, and Phoenixx Immortal achieved it after only existing for 6 weeks) We are looking for more active players,(experience and non-experience), who likes or loves the game of Destiny 2, to join our digital family. 

For more information about our gaming family please contact either PSN: Colossus1914, NJStorm20, JLCS31, ManullynSteel. For PVP/Trials players, contact Jacktrulove, For players outside the US, contact Sarino_o

*Once you send your request to join one of our clans, one of the admins will contact you either through Bungie or PSN*

Rebirth of the Phoenixx:

Phoenixx Immortal:

Code Of Conduct in our Family:
1) We come from all walks of life. We will not discriminate anyone in the clan based on race, religion, or gender.
2) We have a strict no cheating policy. Cheating refers to, but not limited to Lag Switching. All caught will be banned.
3) We are not a LFG group. If that is what you're looking for, this isn't the place for you. We want our members to be active. 
4) Be Active. That includes both in game and in chat. Real Life comes First, but we are all here for each other. We use discord to communicate, so don't be shy and join. Inactivity and/or absence of more than 30 days will result in removal from clan. We understand Real Life comes first and time to game can be challenging, but we have to be fair to all the active player helping to earn loot for the clan as well
5) HAVE FUN!!!