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(RDL) Royal Daunt League

Mission Statement

Join the Chaos and become a better you! Hone your skills and join one of the biggest community of Fortnite players ever to exist in Fortnite battle royal! wether your a pc player or console a Sweaty player or casual player we have a place for you! events with prizes Merch and more! meet new players and join the uprising. We are based On West Servers. With options to join RDLs most powerful elite competitive squads and more!


JOIN THE Royal Daunt League! Sign up now on RDL brand New Beta Site! and follow RDLwobblez New Youtube channel>

Clan Upvotes



12th Jun 2019 - 11:37pm

Fortnite is for everyone! you don't need to be good/pro or have a special skin to join a clan, we accept all type of people world wide! don't stand alone! join the fray and become a royal Daunt league Member!