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Ray Gun Club

Mission Statement

Hey I’m Shogunaut, one of the moderators at Ray Gun Club. We’re a new community intensely focused on fostering an inclusive environment (You can view our Community Guidelines here). Although we haven't been around for very long, we really believe in the vision of what we're working on every day to build. For the gamers out there that share those values, gamers that have felt unwelcome or uncomfortable in some of the more toxic corners of the gaming community, we would love to have you. Come help us shape our future.

Since we're so young, we’re starting off by "officially" supporting only a handful of games. We're experimenting with regularly recurring community events for Destiny 2 and The Division 2, though we all play plenty of other games as well. As we iron out the kinks, the community grows, and our foundation stabilizes we'll grow into more games and bigger projects altogether. Looking forward to you joining and getting to know you.

— Shogunaut




15th Dec 2019 - 11:18pm

Hi I’m Ollie I mainly play seige but can play other games as-well, in seige I can play most operators but I mostly use ash and vigil  I can play PC and Xbox although I mostly play Xbox and would love to join your team.

my Xbox gamer tag is JustBanished and my discord is Salty Seagull #1968