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Rapture Gaming Community

Mission Statement

We are a large community of very active and friendly Xbox gamers. Not only do we game but, also support individuals with their goals and aspirations.

We thrive on our members’ feedback and activity levels to continue to grow this fantastic community.  

To join, you must be the age of 17 or older and have a functioning mic.  We do not condone cheating, hacking, or exploiting in game mechanics.  

We play many games from many genres and contain a well built and organized tier and ranking system. 

If you feel like this community is right for you, message me on Xbox at gamertag: Hikaroman1.  I will be happy to supply more information or answer any questions you might have.



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We are currently opening up a new company dedicated to the release of Monster Hunter World for Xbox One. Any interested individuals should message Hikaroman1 on Xbox Live for more information on joining us. 

Lets get our squad ready for the release of MHW!