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R Σ G I C I D Σ.

Mission Statement

"For the players with no home."

New PvP oriented Destiny 2 Clan.

We provide a Home for the solo Crucible players.

There are three Roles :

Kingslayers are the best and most dedicated players of our clan.
Knights are the players who know what they are doing to take the win.
Apprentices are players who are Learning what crucible truly is.

Prerequisites for Entry As Knight :
Weekly Login
1.2 K/D+
1000+ Light

Prerequisites for Entry As Apprentice :
Biweekly Login
.5 K/D+
750+ Light

Kingslayer is Earned.

Grow our numbers and we'll be Unstoppable.

Discord given upon Entry.

R Σ G I C I D Σ.
Kill the King. Take the Throne.