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Mission Statement

This clan began on March 13th, 2019. We are a just for fun, relaxed clan. There is no light level requirement. You can be new to the game. We are willing to help you level up. The MAIN preference of all is that you play with us without using foul language. You don't have to use a mic, but most of us do. Anyone willing to be polite and just enjoy playing the game can join. At the moment, we do not have anyone who is into raiding. Most of us do the weekly stuff, story mode, quests, help wherever needed, gambit, crucible, strikes, and nightfalls. If you like to raid, join up with the expectation that until the membership grows raiding will not happen much within the clan. We still would love to have you though. Just be polite.

Many in the clan work full-time or are in college. Therefore, we normally play in the evenings. The original members of this clan live in the US (El Paso, TX) and are on Mountain Daylight Time USA.

Message by915 with any questions or if you'd like to join.




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