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[PRSE] Project Sentinel [EU][PC]

Mission Statement

Now recruiting for Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC, come join our Destiny 2 branch. Now 60 active members after inactive kicks. 

Now recruiting for Star Citizen, come join our Star Citizen branch.

​​​Now recruiting for Warframe, come join our warframe branch. 

To apply for a particular clan branch or just join the community follow the steps at the bottom of this post.

Welcome to Project Sentinel [PRSE] , we are happy to see that you have found some interest in us. Please read below to gain a full understanding of our position and where the future of PRSE is going..

Clan Information

  • Tag: [PRSE]
  • Location: Europe (EU) (UTC+0, +1, +2, +3)
  • Required Age: 20+
  • Clan Type: Social, Casual, Competitive, humorous, mature
  • Server Owner: Nvali
  • Management Team: Nvali, UKTitan01, Komeran
  • Community/Game members: 170+
  1. Star Citizen Branch leader: Nvali
  2. Star Citizen Roster Size: 10
  3. Destiny 2 Branch Leader: UKTitan01#3431, Buumee#0973, LonelyRen#0285
  4. Destiny 2 Roster Size: 58
  5. Destiny 2 Season Clan Rank: Season 1 - 6, Season 2 - 6, Season 3 - 6, Season 4 - 6
  6. Warframe Branch Leader: Komeran
  7. Warframe Roster Size: 15
  8. Warframe Clan Tier: Storm
  9. Other Games: 100+


Founded in 2014 as a competitive mechanized infantry outfit for Planetside 2, most of our core members are skilled Planetside 1 and Planetside 2 veterans with a wealth of experience in a variety of other games. While still playing together, we are currently scattered among a number of games, most notably Destiny 2, Star Citizen, Albion Online, and PUBG/EFT/Fortnite.

We’re always looking for like minded individuals to bind to our cause: building, maintaining and growing an actually well organized, lasting esports community for gamers who are serious about teamplay! Whether you are a Filthy Casual or Hardcore NoLife, Project Sentinel aims to provide a mature, team oriented gaming experience where you can experience the strength and power of organized team play, as well as the shared fun, joy and fulfilment of being part of a team you can trust!

Maturity, sportsmanship and helpfulness are our central values, and we strive to serve as an example of what is possible when a team comes together!

What We Offer

  • A place in a clan base with zero drama that is full of dedicated gamers with a good sense of humour and a family feel.
  • A chance to be amongst the very first players to beat new content without having to find random unknown players to play with.
  • Weekly competitive organised sessions within Destiny 2.
  • A high skill group for competitive play in competitive PvP/sweats.
  • A very active Discord chat complete with horrible memes and even worse humor.

What We Are looking For

  • (EU) OR (NA) PC PLAYERS - who are 20+, with a good sense of humour.
  • DISCORD – We communicate daily via our discord group for gaming chat/banter. You should want to get to know people and chat – this is a real clan NOT a glorified looking for group.
  • ACTIVE PLAYERS - During new content you must want to mess about, hardcore or casually play the game, level up and have fun.  Many members play other games together too such as Albion, Diablo 3, PUBG, Warframe, CS, total War, Vermintide 2 etc particularly during breaks between Destiny expansions.

What We Need From You

  • Standards are high. We are looking for mature and sociable players.
  • You must enjoy both PvE and PvP in games, although a preference for one over the other is fine.
  • In raids/dungeons, you must be experienced, confident and play well under pressure. You should be willing to listen to other members of the clan for guidance to help quickly resolve the raids/dungeons with the group.
  • You must be a strong team player and love to play with others on a constant basis.
  • You should see yourself wanting to play with [PRSE] for years to come and want a solid, stable group of great people to play with.
  • You must not be a jerk/overly salty/negative. Stewbacca and S7nther already provide more than enough salt for everyone, so this role is full.
  • We are happy to accept applications from people relatively new to PC gaming provided they have experience of other relevant MMO or Shooters such as World of Warcraft, CS, Quake, PUBG etc.


  1. Add UKTitan01#3431 or Buumee#0973 or LonelyRen#0285 on Discord and message one of them with your in-game name, Age (19+ only), Country (EU only), and the reason you want to join us on Destiny 2 with as much detail as possible (The above people are the Destiny 2 branch clan admins)
  2. Join our Discord server as a guest at Project Sentinel | [PRSE] "Where Teamplay Equals Might!" Project Sentinel | Discord – Click Me!!
  3. Select the Destiny 2 role from the #🇬et-roles channel within the Discord server. Guest role will be automatically assigned upon entering the Discord server.
  4. Apply to the official Bungie clan page at Bungie Clan Page and you will be either accepted or denied based on your information provided. If accepted you may need to remind an admin within Discord to change your role from Guest to Member. Bungie Clan Page | PRSE – Click Me!! 
  5. UPON ACCEPTANCE - Join the server text chat and voice chat for the clan branch as much as possible. Inactivity of a month qualifies as non-attendance and may result in removal from the in-game clan.
  6. Check out the #❗d2-info-rules-and-guidelines❗ #❗d2-announcements❗ and #📅-d2-weekly-events-📅 for information on main playing times and clan events. Times and dates in which most members will be on and just general information about the Destiny 2 branch.
  7. Check out the #d2-guide-compilation section and top up your knowledge of the game. (set-up and sorted by Buumee#0973)

How To Apply for Star Citizen

  1. Add Nvali#2671 on Discord and message him with your in-game name, Age, Country, and the reason you want to join us on Destiny 2
  2. Join our Discord server as a guest or a member once approved by Nvali#2671 at Project Sentinel | Discord – Click Me!!
  3. Apply for the official organization at

How To Apply for Warframe

  1. Add Komeran#0254 on Discord and message him with your in-game name, Age, Country, and the reason you want to join us on Destiny 2
  2. Join our Discord server as a guest or a member once approved by Komeran#0254 at Project Sentinel | Discord – Click Me!!
  3. Apply to the clan forum page at

How To Apply for the Community

  1. Join us on our discord at


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Bungie Clan Page:

Star Citizen Organization:



Project Sentinel



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