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Protocol Black | US | PC | 18+ | Destiny 2 | PVP - PVE - Raids - Endgame

Mission Statement

Destiny 2 | RB6S | Warframe | 18+

Destiny 2 Recruitment Open! 
New Light players welcomed! 

We do recommend having at least Shadowkeep DLC! 

About us

Protocol.Black started out after a previous clan had crumbled. The three co-founders created the clan around a teamspeak server and it became a hangout of sorts for friends. Over time that grew. When Destiny 2 came out, we had a thriving community, multiple raids a week and much more. However, the Curse of Osiris came and we shrunk, and now we have begun to be reborn anew. We are now a small community looking to grow and expand.

Our Commitment:

Protocol Black is about 3 ideals: Community, Camaraderie and Quality. We will strive to have an open and welcoming atmosphere that anyone can come and enjoy. That is why we will always accept those of any time constraints and skill level (though that is a plus :D ). We are not aiming to be the best players, we are aiming to have the best community. So, let's go kick some butt, have a few laughs and protect the city!

What we do:

We play Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Warframe and Rainbow 6 Siege. 

Our main commitment is Destiny 2. 

We have raids going on 2-3 times a week. You are also welcome to do pickup raids or request to schedule one. We also play Crucible, Gambit, strikes and whatnot thrown in. We have scrims we do in house for Crucible as well (work in progress). All players are welcomed. PvE and PvP. 


What Platforms?

We are a PC only community. 

Our Locaiton

We are based in the US. Most of our clan members are US East with many from US West and Central time. We have some Aussies and Canadians thrown in for good measure.  Our active times are 6PM-2AM EST

Our schedule:

We have a scheduling bot for setting up community events and whatnot. We are pretty active. We also do pickup raids as well. 

Our Numbers

We currently have 120 members for Destiny 2 and approx. 30 for Siege and Apex. Those numbers are growing! We have a second division if our primary division is full!

Active Times

6PM-2AM EST. A lot of us have day jobs or school. 

How to join:

Must be 18+.
Visit our discord (
Upon joining, you will get a DM from our gatekeeper, Auttaja.

Follow instructions she provides! If you have issues, please contact Pickles or our staff!