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Prime Legion

Mission Statement

                                                PRIME LEGION



 "Eodem tempore, ad immortalitatis est de incipere. Non omnia viscera inglorius"




                                                      About Us


We are a multigaming community that plays all sorts of games, as a member you are never restricted in anyway in what you play. We also host various events and community challenges, these include giveaways, movie night and other various events.  

Prime Legion's goal is to offer a community where everyone feels welcome and right at home, we encourage our members to help out with events, ideas on moving the community forward, recruiting other members and so on.  

We started out as one womans vision and now we have become so much more, in Prime Legion we are all gamers at heart that really cares about games and the community that is built around them.  





-Age 13+

-Mature mindset

-Mic & Discord

-Be active



How to Apply

-Go to and apply

-PM the original poster here or on Steam @ or on Discord @ G4ndY | PRIME#6799



We do not tolerate




-Flaming/Verbal abuse

-Ragequitting -Misrepresenting the clan in any way, shape or form. 


-Scamming -Poaching is strictly forbidden, this includes posting invite links to other servers

-No NSFW content -No religious/political content in any channel



Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!

// Prime Legion




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