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Mission Statement

We are a New Fresh Clan That Started on May 25th.


Hello and Welcome to PXG We are a hand open clan that apcepts any type of players, only requirment to be in the clan, Dont be toxic we dont have any toxic people that will bring a bad reputation to the clan, Be Mature we dont want any people who will bring a bad reputation towards the clan.

Goal: PrecisionXGaming is a growing family that is looking into becoming an Esports organization! We offer great opportunity for Scrims and tournaments. We offer other great people to make content with and help grow your community out even further. A great opportunity to grow your work  with Editors and Designers! A great opportunity to play with some big dogs and complete the dream of competing in major tournaments!

Sponsors: Rouge Energy, Opseats


Looking For editors, GFX Designer, Staff Members, Good Players 




Clan Upvotes



15th Jul 2019 - 1:02am

I would like to join your clan for fortnite and it looks like your team is having a good start I would like to join your discord but it’s expired


Mr Aspect

30th Jun 2019 - 3:02pm

I would love to join your clan and become a part of this seeming wonderful community. (The Discord link has expired)