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Precision Gaming Organization

Mission Statement

Who We Are...

PGO is a multi-gaming community whose sole focus is to provide a fun, toxic-free environment for people of all ages to be able to get together and play games, hang out, and make friends! 


What We Do...

We strive to meet the needs of our community and provide an interactive experience for our members both in and outside of gaming! 

Some of the things we provide....

  • Host community game events 
  • Movie nights
  • Self-roles
  • Merchandise 
  • Gaming/social/and creative chat channels 
  • Art Contests
  • And much more!

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and grow to truly provide the best gaming experience and a true sense of community and belonging in this vast online world. 




Clan Upvotes

Games Played



1st Mar 2021 - 1:26am

Found this server through a friend been with it since

Very friendly, decently active

Recommended to those looking for a hangout gaming server


6th Feb 2021 - 3:57pm

I have been with PGO for a few months now and in that time I have seen PGO grow nearly 3 times its size. This is a great community made by gamers that truly care about everyone that joins. This is the first server I have been a part of that is interactive with all community members. Some communities form groups and outsiders can't join but that's not the case with PGO! Everyone is accepted and it is my favorite server to just hang out and chat with people.