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PowerGangers [PC OPEN]

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Powergangers' community, and thank you for checking us out. 

Why us:
We have been level 6 since season 1, and we kick inactive players regularly (inactivity for 3+ weeks will get you the kick from the clan) for a more active experience. 

How to join:
Join the Discord, click the tab that says Website, that will bring you to the Discord (or click the word 'Discord' it's a link that will bring you to our server). Once you join leave your battle tag on the sorting channel, it'll be right under the rules and info tab, second down from the top.

More about The Powergangers:
We were founded over five years ago by group friends all looking to play the same games together and at the end of the day have a good time. Now The Powergangers has grown into a considerable Discord server with 1,400 people in it. We are North American based but have players from around the world. Our main game is destiny 2 on PC, but we are looking at new games on the horizon like Anthem as well as playing others like overwatch Pubg and more.




Are you interested in a possible merge? We have a bungie clan here, our own website here, our own twitch channel here, Twitter here, Facebook here,  and we are also on youtube here for all of our community's needs. We seem to be very similiar in size and our goals for our community's.

TNicks Moose Eh

I have 3 veteran year one players.  We are currently in our own clan, but looking to join a larger one.  We love to trash talk each other, and have a good time.  Is this a problem, or is the clan fairly open to joking around, and being a tad bit abrasive?  We are all 25+. 

Let me know


Hey, PC gamer here... looking for a clan for Destiny 2... naturally i wont be able to play until it releases... tho i have bought the game already XD

iPetey Pablo

Chill dude wanting to join :) Requested to join on the clan site. Played D1 religiously - looking forward to exploring D2. Not gonna push for world #1 or anything but I'll know my s*!

T Bronx 69

I'm an active adult Destiny player interested in joining your clan.  

Been a player since destiny 1 came out and had almost every exotic over tons of raiding and strikes. 

If you are interested in my skill set, please send me an invite         T Bronx 69.


Hey there, I sent a request, on the website. I'm 26 and a warlock with a good amount of experience but wanting to get better and learn more


Going to be grinding nightfall and raid 3 times a week when I get 3 characters there already have a hunter at 270 light just looking for a good clan to help out. Xbox name is hawkking714

Docker Cluckers

Hey there. I would like to join the clan. My gt is UnsungSniper and my OTHER account is Elihinator. Both on xbox one. I am a vet Destiny 1 player and your guy's clan looks legit.


Looking to Join PS4 clan, 256 Light Level Hunter (but that's subject to change), not really used to working with a team.

Just lemme know what day you wanna get work done and I'll give you a time. Gt: Ezio1324


To anyone wishing to join a clan, Join the discord  

I WILL sort you out once I get the chance



Hey there EH! looking for an active clan to do stuff with, wondering if I could join. 

- PC

- FoulBeast#1986


P.S. Your friendly neighborhood Canadian.




268 Warlock

Looking to have a clan for me and my friend. We are really skilled in crucible with aim and his experience with Halo over the years.


Btag Michaelskarn#11876 lf clan, 3/4 raid xp from ps4. currently hunter just have to re gear 


Hej guys

We would like to join the group if possible:


2 Destiny 2 players knowladgeable about the game, 30 + years of age. Warlock and Hunter