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Mission Statement

We are champions, Born in the light forged in the absence of it.

We are a small U.S. based clan, the majority of the clan is on Xbox one how ever a few players are on PC as well. we do a lot of raids and activities weekly, we do both the lower end activities to have fun as well as doing the higher end, end game PvE content to get that nice loot. New and veteran players are welcome. whether you are a hunter titan or warlock you are welcome.


As of right now, we are in the process of switching over to a clan if you join I recommend you set us as your active clan, as once we switch it will kick everyone who hasn't set us as an active clan

Only a few requirements:

Preferably 16 or older (I won't be checking just please don't be a squeaker)  

no experience required, just don't lie about it, no-one is against helping you

NO politics (this shouldn't need any explanation)

The last one, this is a must, you HAVE to have fun