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Mission Statement

As of now we are full and not accepting requests, however, we have a separate clan for pc gamers only 

We are a medium (but growing daily) active U.S. based destiny 2 clan, growing every day.  We do a lot of raids and activities weekly, we do both the lower end activities to have fun as well as doing the higher end, end game PvE content to get that nice loot. New and veteran players are welcome. Whether you are a hunter titan or warlock you are welcome.


Only a few requirements:

Preferably 16 or older (I won't be checking just please don't be a squeaker)  

no experience required, just don't lie about it, no-one is against helping you




Are you interested in a possible merge? We have a bungie clan here, our own website here, our own twitch channel here, Twitter here, Facebook here,  and we are also on youtube here for all of our community's needs. We seem to be very similiar in size and our goals for our community's.

TNicks Moose Eh

I have 3 veteran year one players.  We are currently in our own clan, but looking to join a larger one.  We love to trash talk each other, and have a good time.  Is this a problem, or is the clan fairly open to joking around, and being a tad bit abrasive?  We are all 25+. 

Let me know


Going to be grinding nightfall and raid 3 times a week when I get 3 characters there already have a hunter at 270 light just looking for a good clan to help out. Xbox name is hawkking714