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Mission Statement

Based in Detroit, MI, with a desire to build a more regular interactive and dedicated social experience for the more proactive and productive adult Gamer. aims to create an involving environment where all individuals feel they can contribute their valuable hobby time towards an established community and build lasting friendships and teammates on a platform that welcomes the more sociable and productive enthusiast, in a casual or competitive setting with brand building opportunities.

Composed of family and friends of those who have enjoyed video game culture since growing up in the late 90s, attending LAN parties spent in garages and basements playing Battlefield: 1942, Quake, Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, World of Warcraft, Goldeneye, and linking original Xboxes together for 8 man Halo 2. 

The goals of our group revolve around keeping people interacting and invested by hosting online game nights, public and private group events, casual social meetups, watching esport events, tabletop, traveling to large-scale LANs and simply enjoying tech and video game culture. With a focus of playing a variety of games at any given time, instead of focusing only one or two at a time which is nearly impossible in today's market. We are building a community where we are always open to new adventures and avenues to explore as a group, team, and brand.


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