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Phoenixx Elite

Mission Statement

Phoenixx Elite is a clan of adult players 21 years and older who enjoy gaming. All we want to do is have fun and enjoy whether its Raiding, Trials, Nightfall, Crucible, etc.. We are looking to add members into our gaming family(primarily day time and international players). Let's have fun, kill stuff and enjoy everything Destiny 2 has to offer. 
Code Of Conduct in our Family:
1) We come from all walks of life. We will not discriminate anyone in the clan based on race, religion, or gender.
2) We have a strict no cheating policy. Cheating refers to, but not limited to Lag Switching. All caught will be banned.
3) We are not a LFG group. 
4) Be Active. That includes both in game and in chat. Real Life comes First, but we are all here for each other. We use discord to communicate, so don't be shy and join. Inactivity and/or absence of more than 30 days will result in removal from clan
5) HAVE FUN!!!

If this sound interesting to you, please contact either RavenNoChidori(PSN) for Playstation or Lyonheart (XBOX) for XBox.

If you have an further question, you can contact Colossus1914 (PSN)/iceman1914(Bungie).