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Phoenix initiative

Mission Statement

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                                  Hello, and welcome to the Phoenix Initiative Community


              ABOUT US:
We are PC only
*We are a Multi-Game, Multi clan Discord with +5,000 members.


  1. Vote for our page here, on looking for clan
  2. Join our ll Discord ll and follow the instructions in the rules and info channel




31st Jul 2019 - 11:05pm

Not very new to Destiny 2, but not a vet either. Have power level 500 warlock. Looking for others to play with. 


Discord: CloudG#0926 CloudG#11480


26th Jun 2019 - 6:45pm

Hi there, name's HAVOK, myself and a few other friends are looking for a clan that does Raids and PvP. I'm a predominately PvE player, but I wanna tackle these Raids as I've never had the chance to learn them due to not enough friends interested in Destiny. Our clan kinda died off. 

My ID is: BMHavok#1191

All 3 Characters are currently Power Lvl 750

I own the Dredgen, Wayfarer & Cursebreaker Titles at the moment with Chronicler being completed next Curse cycle. 

I'm an OG Destiny 1 ALPHA player, I play ALOT. (just ask my wife lol)



19th Feb 2019 - 8:42pm

Hello would love to re-join Bönes#1503  N/A server I used to be on V-9 but stopped playing Destiny 2 w hile ago, recentlry started again and would like to join if possible.

Thank you.


8th Feb 2019 - 10:21pm

Hi, Mrboh here looking for a good clan to play destiny 2, anthem and Division 2 when they arrive with. I play regularly for a few hours a day. was in a big clan but management jacked it up so looking for a new more professional group to play with 


BT: MrBoh18#1268


5th Jan 2019 - 3:53pm

Hello, I am a day one owner of both destiny 1 and 2 would really love to join the clan as I do not have many freinds to play the raid with and other things

My battle.nettag is NightKnight#140583


3rd Jan 2019 - 5:40pm

Currently Level 40 Hunter, have a level 30 Warlock at the ready too

Roughly 500 hours of Destiny 1 experience

Playing for a couple of hours per day




1st Jan 2019 - 5:32pm

Hey I am a new player with 590 power. I don’t have the annual pass.

Battlenet tag: Anima#1610


27th Dec 2018 - 2:37am

Returning Destiny 2 player.  Hoping to join the clan.

Battle Tag:  Geddon#1740


23rd Dec 2018 - 5:40pm

Returning player from xbox, just got it on my PC


Battletag: Odin#1860

ty :)


21st Dec 2018 - 6:32am

Hi All

Aussie here, playing on the US server for Destiny 2.

Battletag: Privateer

578 Hunter.




18th Dec 2018 - 4:35pm

Hi, i would like to join the clan. I am currently 526 hunter.


Tag: Matthew#23789


17th Dec 2018 - 6:45pm

Hello.  I'm Sortep1977 (my username on the app).  I'd like to join this clan.  I'm a noob and looking for people to teach me more than I'd like to think I


16th Dec 2018 - 6:56am

Hi there,


Hi there, I'm new to Destiny 2 and word is this is perhaps one of the most friendliest clans. I would very much like to join this clan. 

battlenet tag: RipHarambe#1741


thank you


12th Dec 2018 - 10:19pm

Destiny 2 PC NA



550 Warlock would love an invite to the clan.


7th Dec 2018 - 12:26pm


546 Warlock would like to join Phoenix Initiative. Thank you.


*also please correct the intro message: "Hello, and welcome to Pheonix Initiative" ;)


5th Dec 2018 - 4:41am


Looking to join a clan and play a little destiny 2 NA Server,

please add me, Hightower#1349.

Thank you.


3rd Dec 2018 - 1:11am

ID: Ko2047#4485

Hello, I would like to join one of your Destiny 2 clans, I cannot play the game every day but I am planning to play the game in long-term.

LV 50 warlock, ~550PL


2nd Dec 2018 - 11:24pm

Hi! I am new to Destiny and looking for a fun community to play with. I played Destiny 1 regularly and I am getting back into it now.


My gamertag is Luckman#1507


2nd Dec 2018 - 3:12pm

Hello, I'd like to join the clan ID: AFKForever #21883

I really like the game and I'd like to play with others too


2nd Dec 2018 - 10:27am

Just got D2 recently. I don't have anyone to play with, so it would be great if I could join you guys. :)

BT: GoodEnuff#11765



2nd Dec 2018 - 6:25am

Hi there very interested in joining would love to do some pve stuff :) battlenet id is nicksan#2640


2nd Dec 2018 - 12:57am

PL 540ish as of writing this comment. Looking for some fellow clanmates to do a raid in Destiny 2, or just hangout. Whatever's best.


I play mostly Gambit when I'm online but I'm up to play strikes or even crucible if other clanmates are up for it (Even though I suck!)


Can't wait to join one of the biggest clans!






1st Dec 2018 - 9:20pm


Picked up the game when it was free recently with a few of my friends. Looking to join good clan to try some of the end game content. Battlenet: Ostil#1695




30th Nov 2018 - 9:40pm

Destiny 2 gamer. PC

Looking to join your clan

29 mature gamer / Male

Battletag: imposing#11414


30th Nov 2018 - 2:19pm

My battle tag is #2756 and my light is 535, i'm just bored of playing solo so it'd be great to be able to play with others.


28th Nov 2018 - 3:01am

Picked up Destiny 2 when it was free don't have any of the DLC yet but soon will, I am a father of 3 with a full time 40+ hour job so I play when im able to, would like to progress further with clan mates, im currently a level 20 with pl 260 warlock. Battletag: Steelmike#1346


27th Nov 2018 - 11:56pm

Long time Destiny 2 PC player looking for a clan that is active and can help me max out power, currently 531. IGN: CptKibble36

Battle Tag: #1264


27th Nov 2018 - 8:09pm

Picked up Destiny 2 when it was free, 271 warlock, needing other players to progress.


Bnet:  prozactool#2426



26th Nov 2018 - 10:06pm

Hello =) im looking to join in to the clan. 


Steffo#21933 is my B-tag, plz hook me up ;)




26th Nov 2018 - 9:13pm

Good evening,

I would love a invite to your clan. Play destiny 2 on pc. I do all accept raids cause of the young kids. looking for friendly people en people who are willing to help. My name is [email protected] 


24th Nov 2018 - 5:47pm

Picked up Destiny 2 when it was free, casually playing right now, needing other players to progress.


Bnet:  Lescun#1920



24th Nov 2018 - 3:28pm

Hi, I would like to join your clan, started getting back into D2 2 weeks ago, I’m PowerLevel 500+  WARLOCK


Bnet: Unholycookie#2213




24th Nov 2018 - 4:10am

Just got Destiny 2 (like a a week or 2 ago) for PC and would like to join you're lovely clan.  LamentingKid#1874. Thanks


23rd Nov 2018 - 7:10pm

Returning to Destiny 2! Trying to catch up and looking for a clanspot.




23rd Nov 2018 - 4:54pm

Returning Destiny 2 player. Would like to join a clan.

Bnet: DrinkMeth#1133