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Phantom Zone

Mission Statement

Phantom Zone is a brand new 16+ gaming clan! We are focusing on creating a fun and friendly environment while offering a variety of game and platform opportunities and experiences.  We're looking to create a casual and competitive setting for any and all who would like to participate in either.  The options are open and the choice is yours!  As we grow, we will also begin setting up competitive teams, a website dedicated to the clan, and much more! We hope to bring together all sorts of gamers and enjoy our time. As stated before, this server is brand new, so the member count is going to be quite low. For those who are under 16, we do have a tied server called Phantom Zone 16U, which is also posted here on LFC. We would also like to it be known that separating 16U from 16+ is not an effort to downgrade anyone, but rather prevent younger users from experiencing unnecessary situations.

*Now proud partners of Killswitch and The Outcasts


Current Staff Openings:

- All Praetor (Moderator) Roles

- All House Director Roles

- All Game Manager Roles

- Graphics Design Team

- Lead Video Editor

- Video Editing Team

- Social Media Team

- Recruiting Team

*Interested in any opening? Add and message me on discord @ Zero_#2828

-Zero & Danksy-


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