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[PC][NA]Disco Knights

Mission Statement

[PC][NA][Discord] Disco Knights | End Game | Raids | Strikes | PVP | PVE | New & Experienced | Casually Hardcore

Hello fellow Guardians!
The Disco Knights is a new clan looking for ACTIVE guardians both new and experienced, willing to learn and teach, to reach endgame with and max out each season. We will be gathering weekly, from strikes to trials, and getting all possible engrams for the clan each week. You can say we are casually hardcore.

We're looking for mature, responsible and reasonably active guardians on PC and in North America, microphone will be mandatory for communication in Trails, Raids, etc.

-Maxing Clan level each season
-Completing weekly clan milestones (I.E. Nightfall, Crucible, Raids)
-Getting to end game and max power level
The main reason for the creation of the Disco Knights was to experience the game in its entirety, we want to have fun and want to always have a fireteam to join.

Join our adventure guardian.

To register please visit our Discord and read the Welcome and Rules channel.
Our Page:
Our Discord:
Please note joining the discord is required to be considered as a member as we do not use the Bungie website for communication.
Registration is simple, please change your nickname to your Steam ID and inform an admin.

For any other inquiries, message any admin in the discord.

Hope to see you out there!