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[PC/NA] The Purple Narwhals

Mission Statement

"For the night is dark and full of Barnacles." -Unknown

Recruiting Status: CLOSED - Welcome to come join the Discord and play with others until recruitment opens up again.

About Us

The Purple Narwhals were founded by a core group of friends who grew up together, and have traditionally been a small, tight-knit clan in variety of other games.  We like to drink, and above all else have a good time while gaming. We welcome everybody! Hardcore and casual gamers alike will find a home here, we believe that you should play the way you want to play, and we'll help you achieve those goals along the way.  

Why The Purple Narwhals?

We've gone by a few names in the past, but one evening we decided to to delve into the timesink known as ARK: Survival Evolved, create a beach-noob troll tribe called The Purple Narwhals. Our objective was to just chill in the tundra, and annoyingly raid people. Suffice to say, we ended up taking over the server, and we've considered the name good luck ever since. There's certainly more to the story, so feel free to drop by our Discord for more details!

Our Goals/Perks For Members

Well, with Destiny 2 being a game that relies heavily on cooperation, the number one perk would have to be having people to play with!  But we also have this stuff:

-Learn every possible aspect of the game we can, and pass it on to newer members
-Emphasize grouping up, we don't want any Narwhals having to go it alone, unless you choose to
-Discord with loooooots of voice channels, information, guides, etc.
-Drinking, and ensuring we get all our weekly engrams and perks

If you're interested in joining up, simply follow these easy instructions:

-Join the Discord @
-Post your username in this thread or PM me
-Message me on Discord after joining channel (TheFlavorPurple#8521), so I can set up permissions.

Not interested in joining the clan, but like our community?

We're open to anybody and everybody! We will have public voice and text channels for things like LFG or just general chatting. So come on by, hang out, say hello, play some games, etc.  

Join us! For the Night is Dark and Full of Barnacles!




5th Nov 2018 - 11:58pm

Hey Casual PC Player just got D2 on pc and am ready to join a social and fun clan to have some great times with 


5th Nov 2018 - 10:48am

Casual D2 player returning for Forsaken.  536 LL Hunter looking for a social clan.

Bnet: Palomides#1430, Discord: Broknar


5th Nov 2018 - 10:46am

Casual D2 player returning for Forsaken.  536 LL Hunter looking for a social clan.

Bnet: Palomides#1430


5th Nov 2018 - 1:48am

Been looking for a tight nit community for D2 and hopefully other games in the future as well. Been playing a bit too much solo. Interested in joining up.  Reapafied#1605


4th Nov 2018 - 7:53pm

I have been playing solo for a long time after my friends disappeared, so i'm here looking for a lovely clan i can join, it's me Sushiotoh#1525 on bnet :D


3rd Nov 2018 - 9:44pm

Looking to join if you'll have me. Battletag: Corsax#11683 and Discord: Corsax#2855


29th Oct 2018 - 11:34pm

Hello.  I would like to join your clan.  I have migrated over from PS4 to the PC and I am looking for some folks to play with.  My battletag is Morphyne35#1247.  I have also joined the Discord as Morphyne.  


27th Oct 2018 - 11:22pm

Hey there!
 I am very interested in joining the clan in D2 and fight along side some cool people!

My Battle Tag is Mkookm#1729


26th Oct 2018 - 4:35pm


I'm interested in joining your clan. My tag is Strent#1411.


20th Oct 2018 - 3:48pm

Hey guys I'd like to join your clan for Destiny 2. My name in game is Vichenor#1258


21st Mar 2018 - 2:55pm

Hello, I'd be keen to hang out with you fine people if you could refresh the Discord link :)


20th Mar 2018 - 5:49pm

I am very interested in joining you guys for some sea of thieves action. My xbox name is husterfan0000 (please microsoft, I know I just changed some security things but don't make me suffer what 8 years ago me thought was an ok username). The discord link you have posted is dead by the way.