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(PC) ZeroSkillZ - Hardcore PVP

Mission Statement

Prior to the PC release we are searching for (18+) hardcore PVP oriented players with high ranked fps shooter experience. We are small scale - active mostly PVP - but also do the PVE runs for the gear etc....

If you are interested please fill out a short application:

* Age - Location
* Sum up your fps shooter exp




I share the same philosophy, and much rather play PVP, albeit, some high end activities like raiding (at least until geared up) are of interest.
I've played Destiny 1 for many years in PS4, but i have experience on FPS for PCs, having playing pro/semi professionally counter strike 1.6 for some time.

When the game launches perhaps we can play some matches, and see if we get along, and if we like each other's skill sets.