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[PC] The Kawaii Assassins [TKA] | Relaxed | Discord

Mission Statement

TL;DR: to skip the wall of text ;):

We are a casual laid back clan & community who dont take themselves to seriously and like to joke around with each other.
We have members actively playing Destiny 2, Division 2, Warframe, but those are of course not the only games being played.

We've got three simple requirements:
Be as active as possible on Discord, whats the point of being in a community if you dont participate in it.
#2: Have a sense of humour and be able to handle immature, and sometimes mature (and sometimes offensive) jokes.
#3: Just dont be Toxic towards people, nobody likes a toxic person (Jokingly toxic is fine tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Destiny 2:
NOTE: Discord activity (Text is fine) is required if you are joining for Destiny 2 to combat inactivity and leeching of engrams.

Add "iPwNix#8091" or/and "Dabear/Hontou#9602" on Discord after applying. 
Applies without adding/message will be ignored.


Other Games:
For other games just simply add "iPwNix#8091" or/and "Dabear/Hontou#9602" On Discord, for more information or to request an invite to the discord =].
I'd like to put up an Discord invite link here but we've had our share of spammers so we would like to talk first ( Wont take longer then a minute promise ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


The Kawaii Assassins [TKA] formed back in late 2017 by a group of laid-back experienced WoW Raiders (Guild Leaders & Officers) who wanted to move on to other games to have fun with and gather more people to do that with, at the time we landed on Destiny 2 but have since branched out into multiple games as listed here (There are ofcourse more games being played).
Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun, but we do require two things of the people who do:

#1: Be as active as possible on Discord, what is the point of being in a community/clan if you dont interact with your fellow clan mates.
Activity in just text channels is fine (Actually the main way we check) but if you're gonna play a team game just join up in a voice channel, we wont bite, just nibble abit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

#2: We dont believe we should make this community +18 therefor we do ask if you are able to take immature and sometimes mature (and sometimes offensive) jokes, if not please steer clear we want to keep everything as dramaless as possible.

As for Destiny 2 activity on Discord is required (Just text is fine as mentioned above), we have had so many leechers since we first started (And i mean kicking 30-50 people each month), we want everyone to be able to party up and play with some clan mates.


Who are we looking for:
Pretty much everyone who's laid-back (Relaxed), who has a sense of humor and is looking for a good time while playing games or just mess around.

Not much really
-Have a Sense of Humor ( And be able to handle adult and sometimes offensive jokes ofcourse ;) )
-Be as active on Discord as possible, but we understand real life comes first as it should.
-Dont be toxic, nobody likes toxic people.
-And of course be able to Type/Speak & Understand English, always nice when you can understand each other.

How to join:

On Discord add "iPwNix#8091" or/and "Dabear/Hontou#9602"
As simple as that :), i'd like to put up an discord invite link here but we've had our share of spammers so we would like to talk first ( Wont take longer then a minute promise ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Destiny 2:
On Discord add "iPwNix#8091" or/and "Dabear/Hontou#9602"
-Apply here:
-Same as above add one of the officers on Discord after applying on the Bungie site and we'll get you in :), Applies without adding any officer on Discord will be declined.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask =].

Easy as that, hope to see you out there!
~iPwNix (iOrion)







3rd Feb 2019 - 10:46pm

Hi there,


I'm looking to play some Destiny 2 and later on Anthem with you guise, Id like to be in a chill clan as yours (or so you seem to be :)).

I'm also located in the EU.


Best regards,


15th Nov 2018 - 11:24am

Hello! My name is Konstantine (short Kon) looking for a European relaxed, active and friendly clan to enjoy gaming with. Destiny 2 player looking for have a small chat with the recruitment manager and ask a few questions. Let me know how we can establish comunication :)


2nd Nov 2018 - 11:57pm


Looking for The Division Clan that wants to move over to the Division 2 on release. I am a father that spends my nights playing online games after my kids go to bed. I am in Hawaii so my times are late for most of you or early for others. Love to play some co-op / mmos specializing in stealth. I have Destiny 2 but prefer the Division.