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Mission Statement

Please note this is primarily a PC clan - We are happy for console players to join and do their own thing but please note the core of our group are PC players and clan activity will pick up when PC releases on 24th October. We're actively chatting away now on the clan forum and discord but no in game events are happening console side unless the console players wish to arrange this :)

Easy going clan, founders all D1 veterans, based in the UK and ready to take on the PC release of D2. We are accepting of others in all walks of life but fair warning this is a (im)mature group so please only apply if dark humour, shit posting and general fun and frivolity is something you can handle.

We happily welcome people with any play schedule and style, be it hardcore or light casual but looking for some people that really want to get in to the nitty gritty of what D2 has to offer in terms of exploration, secrets, ARG's, weapon testing etc. Parents also welcome, 2 of the 3 founders have kids also so we understand the importance of family time and unexpected interruptions. This would never be held against a player and you take care of the family first, we are patient won't go anywhere ... unless you end up loving us more at which point forget your family! We are your lovers now ;)

We operate an open membership so it really doesn't matter if you are a hardcore player or the lone wolf type, feel free to join and gain the clan benefits and help make a strong and stupid community :)

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Thank you for the offer dude, much appreciated but we'll stay as is I'm afraid. We mean no offence but we'd like to see out D2 with our group as is and any new like minded members should they wish to join. Furry Caballs as a name pretty much sums up how stupid we are lol so we'd like to keep that identity so people know what they are getting with us. Thanks again though, we hope you and your clan enjoy D2 when it rolls  around :)


Can you add me to the clan? I have been playing D1 since day 1 and the lootcave era and seeking new people to play with since I passed to PC. Username: GearElephant



Hi - Happy to have you but unfortunately the invite feature doesn't work on the clan page (not sure if a bungie issue or because our clan is set to open). If you wish to join simply got o and click the "Join on Battle.Net" button and you'll be in :)


Hello, I'm a french gamer who is looking to play without 12years old kikoo dark kevin of the death, is that something possible? I wanted to know if you plan to discover the raid/game without youtube or guide? I think discovering a game and making your how strat and theory crafting is more fun them simply following a guide.

So far my experience with destiny is... void/empty but I made a deal with my wife to be able to play in hardcore mode for some time to compensate. 


Hey Red, you have nothing to fear. Most of the gang so far are golden oldies (or at least late 20's onwards lol). That said I am tolerant of all people so no objections to any age on the provision they can take a joke are aren't sensitive squeakers. Future raids we hope to go in blind but the first raid is impossible to do this as its been out so long on console I'm 99% certain 1 of the 6 raiders that go in will have some idea of tactics and will guide the raid. This I think is unavoidable. Agree though going forward once PC catches up to console releases we'll have loads of fun doing everything blind :)