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[PC] (EU/UK based) Warped

Mission Statement

Warped (mainly EU timezone players)
A friendly clan for friendly players.

Hi there! We're a PC clan that is active and social. We clear raids (including challenges), farm end game content, do organised group activities, and help clan mates with achieving their goals every day - most organised activity stuff happens in the evenings. (Mic is required for end game activities like raids, shattered throne and competitive PvP). As a clan we are looking for players who are up to date with DLC and have at least some time in current content. We are open to all types of players of all skill levels but are not open to those who would use us as an LFG.

Please use the following link to apply to the clan on discord. We will not accept applicants who have not applied through Discord. Our clan is based on Discord, we organise activates there and it’s where our members socialise so please make sure you have the app. There will be a couple of questions on application that need to answered as thoroughly as possible. The better the answer, the more effort you put in, the more likely you are to be accepted. We are only looking for applicants that are 17+.

We are a multi game clan and enjoy many genres (and platforms), so don’t be afraid to explore the other games people play.

We're the kind of clan to join for the game, but stay for the community.

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