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Mission Statement

Day one Destiny 2 clan: Lux Vitae (Translation from Latin: Light of Life) is looking for active guardians.

We are an active clan who organise things as and when we are available. There are no strict times/schedules, but a level of activity is expected and is seen as fair!

We have members who are avid raiders and have extreme patience when it comes to teaching new members the mechanics of a boss etc. No-one will be made to feel bad for causing a wipe!

Guardians of all skill levels are welcome. Whether you wish to raid, challenge others in the crucible, or fight the enemies of humanity in the open world, we have a space for you!

If you wish to join the clan, you must:

1) Request to join here:

2) Message me(Discord: Mulhalo#1234) or Grimlock(Discord: Grimlock#6657) or LupineViking(Discord: LupineViking#4628) with the following filled out in full:

1. Age:
2. Character name:
3. Are you EU based?:
4. Why do you want to join us?:
5. What are your goals in Destiny?:
6. The person behind the keyboard is important to us, so please type something about your self!:
7. Have you read, and do you accept the clan rules? (See below):
8. Are you happy to join the clan Discord server?:

Clan Rules:

1) Be respectful to everyone. Think before you chat!
2) Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harmware results in an immediate and permanent ban. This is a zero tolerance rule.
3) Racism, homophobia, disrespect towards anyone's beliefs, or any other offensive behaviour will result in an immediate and permanent ban regardless of how well established you are in the clan. This includes memes etc. This is a zero tolerance rule.
4) Do not give people a hard time. Be adults.
5) Do not link to other discord channels/clans. It's sad.
6) Post content in the correct channels.
7) Do not spam/shitpost. It will be deleted and may lead to a ban.
8) Do not post anyone’s personal information.
9) Listen to Admin/Mods advice regarding posting/behaviour
10) Do not post graphic images/videos.
11) Try your best to have fun

Hope to see you soon, Guardians!





22nd Feb 2019 - 12:37am



I want to join because I want to make friends and play games with them

I'm a part-time DJ

yes I do accept the clan rules 

yes I am happy to join the discord server