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[PC] [EU] Kings Realm - Gaming Community - Recruiting

Mission Statement


Quick Summary:

Kings Realm is a multi-gaming community with an aim to provide a mature platform for players alike to congregate and enjoy what we all love to play.

Established in 2015 as a focused gaming clan, we now strive to involve ourselves in a multitude of games. Valuing loyalty and sportsmanship - transparency and engagement with our members is a key factor for us to ensure our direction is lead by the voices of our community.


To sum it up briefly. Here are the main points to our clan:

  • EU based

  • Casual/Competitive

  • Age: 16+

  • Opinions: Open

  • Profanity: Open

  • Microphone: Preferred


We have a forum where members can communicate, plan and earn titles within the clan through simply playing and being part of it all.




Games we mostly play:

  • Squad

  • World of Tanks


  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Though our members tend not to stick too hard to this list. It is what we primarily congregate to.