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Partners In Crime

Mission Statement

The Partners In Crime Clan are recruiting for active and loyal players. We're a open community outlaw clan which also an anti-griefer clan unlike any other clans who claim to say anti-griefer when they are not. We have a passion of playing red dead online on how it supposed to be played.  Being in our clan means without the worrying of being messed with griefers or toxic crews. Looking for a clan to join with making friends and meeting good people? Join us, Partners In Crime. We don't start fights but we'll finish any fights who dare to challenge us. We’re not a Role Playing clan, we don't require uniforms and this is a Xbox only clan.

-Combat Training, We'll help new players get better at combat, will help understand what ability cards go well with each other and improve.

-Partake with free-roam events, PVP events and the art of combat training.

-Protection against toxic griefers. 

-Plenty of roles you can level up as your rank.

-We will help any of our new member level up in any role, money and many other. 

-A clan focused on having fun and being part with a chill crew without having to deal with drama.

15+ and up
have a working mic
Be Active
Be Passionate 
Be Respectful

-Daily Events
Bounty hunting, Trader Wagon, Collector, Moonshiner, Naturalist, PVP Series, Horse race series, animal hunting, herb picking, and so on...

-Still Interested? then Partners In Crime Clan is the right place for you!