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Paradise Fails

Mission Statement

Accepting Applications. to make cuts of inactive and or leeches.  We are maxed out at the 100 people mark. If you are very interested and active within Destiny and still interested in joining Message SANCHO 0 0 0 0  in Xbox messenger or bungie companion. please provide a list of why we should choose you as well as have a gamer tag that people do not have to guess and read 

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Forged In Flesh Built To Destroy 

I do not need to explain myself to you. I exist; that is enough reason for me to rule. I have the noblest blood of our kind in my veins, and soon I shall have yours on my lips. I was born to command and reborn to dominate, and no matter how far you run, you cannot hide from me. The keen would laugh if you told them about those who were afraid of shadows. You and I know better. Start running...




I'm a casual gamer, and I'm on most nights of the week. I'm good at the game and I love to pvp. I just don't have a lot of friends who play this game so I need to get involved in a good clan. This clan seems to suit my needs. Hope to hear back soon. Thanks! USERNAME IN D2: CORROSIVE88


Looking to leave my dead clan and join yours. I am a 310 warlock, was 305 before the dlc. I love doing the raids and nightfall, and all challenges and I can totally hold my own. I have the raid memorized from how many times I've done it.


240+ light titan, finally have time to really get into the game. Would definitely be a committed member if I was added to the clan and would give my all to bolster our success. Usually, run PvE but can also run PVP.

Have been playing the OG Destiny ever since it launched, do not plan on not playing Destiny 2 a couple days a week now that work and school permits. 

Can fend for myself but also am a great team player. Have a mic and great communication skills. Laid back, competitive, and am hoping to make it to a higher level clan in the near future. 


265 wizard, play mostly PVE at this time but open to doing more PVP. Like playing endgame stuff. 


Hi I am currently looking to join a new clan, I am a very active player and I'm looking for an active clan. I would very much like to be a part of your team! I am 305 with all characters... Thanks for your time!

GT: Indo4me6942069

Darth CPA

I am looking for a new clan to join. Mine is no longer that active and hasn't completed the raid in two weeks. Is there still openings in this clan?

I main a 301 hunter, and I like the play all the activities. Just looking for a clan to have some fun and play destiny with!

Moth Skin

275 Voidwalker Warlock main. Play daily, for the most part. I don't have a mic, but I know all Strikes/Nightfalls etc. with the exception of the Leviathan. Just looking for a clan that's actually active and does things together. GT: Moth Skin


Hi, lvl 268 warlock. 26 year old, playing 6 hours per day. Looking to join a clan for raid, nifghtfall and crucible. GT jFioRee