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The Pacific Abyss

Mission Statement

Hello, I am Snake5943 the leader of The Pacific Abyss gaming community We are always looking for new players to come join our group to play more games with and enjoy a laugh   What is The Pacific Abyss? It is a gaming community setup for like-minded people who want to game in a non-toxic place. This community plays a large array of games from FPS to RTS + more. Currently Ark Survival Evolved seems to be common amongst players but we also play: 

  • Valheim
  • Battlefield 4
  • Among Us
  • COD
  • VR Games 
  • Star Citizens 
  • Elite Dangerous 

plus many many more :)  Please feel free to come check us out we would love to have you

The Pacific Abyss is a family run gaming community. We are a chilled community enjoy socialising during games and just chilling on discord. We have a custom made bot (Still work in progress but is active so expect to see test commands, made by myself) also if you like a section to yourself making your own bot for testing purposes please DM me I can make a category section on discord just for your bot (no the JS code for my bot is not open for others but I will assist and help in any other way I can).

Benefits of this community:


  • Chilled relax community (no toxic members who causes issues amongst others) 
  • Custom made bot for our community only
  • Multi-gaming community
  • raffles for games -(will start when member count is higher) 
  • giveaways (will start with more members) 
  • Servers setup for popular games within the community
  • Discord Nitro Boosted
  • 16+ community